Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch

From the creative brilliance of the F2 Freestylers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch comes their new lifestyle clothing range; Rascal. 

Using the experience gained from touring the globe to showcase their skills, wow crowds and play alongside the game’s greats, the F2 Freestylers have come up with a unique clothing range offering the first ever tailored sportswear.

Throughout their work performing some of the greatest tricks and skills ever seen with a football, Billy and Jeremy became all too aware of the restrictions and drawbacks to the sportswear and materials currently out there.

Rascal Clothing bucks the trend with its relaxed, comfortable and fitted lifestyle garments, with its hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts and shorts combining comfort and style like no other range out there.

It’s time to #BeRascal.







The F2 is a groundbreaking concept that never fails to excite, amaze and at times completely baffle audiences.

With an ingenious blend of technical difficulty, stunning synchronization, brilliant choreography and showmanship, the F2 design and choreograph the best football show in the world.

Comprising of football freestylers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, the F2 is a unique double act that is doubly as difficult to execute and therefore twice as entertaining on the eye. 

The F2 have performed at the FIFA Ballon D’or ceremony, are brand ambassadors for Konami and have over 10 million followers on social media.



Billy Wingrove



Billy is one of the most experienced football freestylers in the world. Starting professionally in 2003, Billy has experienced almost every avenue within freestyle including live performances at the World Cup in front of 300,000 people, being the first freestyler to be signed to a professional Football Club (Tottenham Hotspur FC), holding three Guinness World Records within Football Freestyle, being the first freestyler to have a tutorial DVD and choreographing adverts with the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Torres, Del Piero & the Manchester United squad.

Billy has brought awareness to football freestyle throughout the world, gaining over 40 million hits on YouTube. In this perfect partnership with Jeremy Lynch, Billy brings his wealth of experience, professionalism and knowledge to The F2 team.




Jeremy Lynch


Jeremy is widely-regarded as one of the best football freestylers there has ever been. After being inspired by watching a Nike commercial in 2000 with Edgar Davids and Denilson, Jeremy started doing tricks and his dream has taken him around the world. He was one of the stars in the biggest UK documentary of all time “In the Hands of the Gods”, and won the hearts of the nation when he was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent in 2008.

He has become a YouTube phenomenon with his videos racking up over 20 million hits. He has filmed videos with the likes of Ronaldo, Robinho and Nani, and has worked with some of the world’s best players including Fabregas, Ronaldinho, Van Persie, Drogba, Nasri, Walcott and Rooney. Jeremy brings his charismatic charm and entertaining genius to The F2 team.